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There is so much more to a photo

The choice of photo for my book cover didn't just happen, it was meant to be. Yup, I can hear you say... "What is all that about... what a load of tosh... (Brits say that...but, I am sure you get the gist of it.)

Our intuition is a marvellous gift. We draw, paint, make photographs, completely unaware of the messages we give ourselves and the mirror that we hold up. It is a perfect blend. We consciously create the messages that lie within our subconscious. Similar to making a representation of our dreams.

We can analyse our dreams and gain a valuable insight into our psyche. A master of dream analysis was, of course, the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung.

Me and Carl..., we arrive at the same result when analysing a dream but we use different methods. I cannot say that I buddied up next to him to come to that conclusion, the clever man is no longer amongst us. I read his book Dreams.

I applied my knowledge to the dreams of his clients; he described them in enough detail for me to make use of. I had challenged myself, before reading Carl’s interpretation, I analysed the dreams my way. The Occult way. The basics are as simple as left and right; top, middle and bottom; like a cross.

The directions have a symbolic meaning. The left represents the Past and the right represents the Future. The middle is the 'here and now', it represents our consciousness as well as our Present. The Top? That what lies ‘Above us’... is our higher-self, our spirit, our thoughts, and our aspirations. Last but not least, the Bottom, the darker shadow side of ourselves; that what lies ‘Below us’… represents our sub-consciousness, our basic instincts as well as the lessons we ought to learn within this life.

A photo also has a top, middle, bottom, left, and right. Apply the simple explanation of the meanings to my book cover photo:

Mae, my daughter stands on the left, looking diagonally to the right. In other words… she is firmly planted in the roots of her past, looking towards the future but still having to come to terms with the ‘here and now’, the present.

The question is… has she come to terms with her past? No…, she hasn’t. Her back is not fully turned to the left, meaning that there are still issues for her to deal with.

The expression: ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’, is true. The colour, the elements, every single detail has a meaning.

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