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A box that doesn’t fit and a label too small to describe the item.

Remember going to school? Or… maybe you are still studying. I loved history until it hit the first and the Second World War, followed by the cold war. Some kids liked it but for me, it was time to doodle the entire class as little characters out of a comic book. It goes without saying, history was not the subject, teenager ‘me’ chose to continue with. Getting more embroiled into comparative religion at a later age, who would have thought I picked up a subject I dropped at school? Yes, History. To understand the origins of the Esoteric, I had to dive back into the past. I came across the foundations of Psychology and Modern Science and it is a subject you can learn a lot about by researching it online, enough has been written about it. However, when my Dutch niece started her studies in Psychology, I learned that modern study books give a rather censored historical version. For example, in mainstream Psychology, you will find people like Rudolf Steiner are touched upon but this genius wasn’t described as an Esotericist, neither was his involvement with the Theosophical Society mentioned, an organisation which was formed by the Russian Occultist Helena Blavatsky. Modern teachings will discuss the ‘everything is sex-related’ Mr Sigmund Freud but Carl Jung? Nothing. Carl Jung’s research has separated away from the mainstream and can be studied under the heading ‘Analytical Psychology’. Science came forth from Alchemy. Ethics and Morals stood in the way of progress. The Spiritual element was taken out of Alchemy and here the new scientists raced ahead without considering what consequences this would have on our modern world. A healthy balance made way for progress. If we would have developed with consideration for all other living organisms in our world, we would, for example, not have replaced organic packaging materials with plastic and held back with spraying environmentally devastating chemicals over our crops. Some people are quick to judge those who research the Esoteric and the Occult or question New Age believes but, maybe, just maybe we should look into this world with a fresh pair of eyes. People make mistakes and do silly things, it doesn’t mean that everything these Esotericists have researched is therefore incorrect. Some of their books are outdated and often not politically correct and because of it, they are frequently dismissed. The good thrown away with the bad. When I worked within the world of the New Age, I found it difficult to describe what I am or what I was doing. Many descriptions were tainted with ridicule. I didn’t feel comfortable to call myself an Occultist. There are, unfortunately, people, who associate it with Satanism in its worse form. Neither am I a Spiritualist or a Lightworker, Medium, Psychic or Healer. Each label, over the years, has grown into a form of understanding, I myself didn’t feel comfortable with. The same I can say for Religion. I don’t belong to any but I embrace the good which you can find in all of them. My understanding and love for people cannot be put in a box. There is only one label I feel comfortable with: I am Human.

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