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The 'Plus symbol' +, an universal symbol that connects us all

We see it often and many of us use it on a daily basis. Take out a calculator and there it is, often the largest button. The + symbol.

The symbol dates back to the time when Science was better known as Alchemy. The first use of the 'plus' sign has been ascribed to the 14th century, French Medieval Philosopher, Nicole Oresme. His interests lay in astronomy, theology, mathematics, and natural philosophy.

His choice of design, for an Occultist, doesn't come as a surprise. The cross is, after all, also represents the four seasons; the four wind directions; and the four elements. Draw a circle around it and you have the symbol for our planet Earth. The circle on its own is the symbol of spirit, it is this fifth ingredient that animates the four elements and embodies life.

The plus sign between numbers increases the value of the total sum; like the four elements are a necessity to increase life on Earth. They are essential for the fertility of our blue planet. Life cannot blossom without water, air, earth and the fire of the sun. These four together will create abundance, but...

Remove the two elements: air and earth (represented by the vertical line of the plus sign), you are left with fire and water. These two opposing elements, in the appropriate quantities, eliminate each other. If the volume of one is larger than the other.... it ends up reducing one or the other.

Topple the cross and you get the multiplication symbol. Again all the four elements are present which means an increase. Remove one diagonal line and you have your division symbol which decreases.

Fire, water, earth and air: increases + (plus) or x (multiply by)

Fire and water on its own: decreases – (minus) or / (divide by)

So… Next time you take out your calculator, know that you are playing with the elements!

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