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The Oath of the Tree…

I am the Tree,

my roots planted firmly into the ground,

My link with Mother, holding me up

when Storms try beating me down

I am the Tree,

absorbing the Nutrition given to me so freely,

Nourished by Mother Earth,

Quenched by Father Sky

I am the Tree,

growing, reaching up to the sky,

holding my arms up high

Embracing the Light,

taking in the breath of the Night

In return…

I am the Tree,

keeping Earth from falling apart,

I am the shield,

Catching blows when Storm rages I am your Protector…

I am the Tree,

Leaves and Fruit,

I am Birth and Re-birth,

May my children provide

I am your Nourishment…

I am your Breath…

I am the Tree,

standing tall, my arms reaching wide

Embracing you,

giving you courage when it’s Night

Providing you with Shade when it’s too Bright

I am your Shelter…

And when it is my time to fall,

and I stand no longer tall

There will be no regret, but celebrations

My heart returns to Mother,

becoming One, once more…

My Soul rejoices with father, looking after you all…

May my remains leave as whom I truly am…

A fire in the heart,

I am your Warmth and Light

I have taken, and I have given in return,

For I am Balance…

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