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Spiritual versus Occult

Sorting out the tons of files on my old PC, I came across an old Blog Post of mine. Dated the 10th of February 2009. I wrote these Blogs for an English Spiritual Networking site and my, O, my... it must have gone straight over people's heads. The terminology I used and concepts I gave was pure Hermetism with a dash of Comparative Religion. I did get the right following for the posts and the discussions were great but...

What is the point of like-minded people patting each other on the shoulder, congratulating each other's understanding? There are beautiful Occult teachings and theories and I wanted to share them with the world in a way we all can understand, whatever your age, sexuality, background or knowledge. (Yes, I mention sexuality as in the time of the Old Occult Masters, you had to be heterosexual to participate. Keep this in mind because it will throw a different light on the antics of the infamous Mr A. Crowley!) Reading an Occult book and discussing the theories and workings with some practitioners can be compared with a bag of dried peas. It needs a lot of soaking before it becomes edible. I found the opposite with some of the aspects covered in the New Age theories and practises too. I compare these with dandelions. They are lovely cheerful yellow flowers. Their roots go deep but it all soon turns into fluff and spreads like a pest. Both examples are each other's extreme. I wanted to combine the best of these opposites and get a healthy balance between the two because both sides can learn a lot from each other. They have, throughout the decades been at some sort of a 'cold war' with one another. Either way, this attitude has caused a lot of misunderstanding to the detriment of their own published work. Over two years ago, I started writing my own non-fiction book combining the best of these worlds in layman's terms. It was a bit like trying to re-write the Britannica Encyclopedia. But I did it! I was proud as a house. Some of my old students (I used to teach Spiritual Development) remarked that they loved the bits of true stories I had given in this book. In the space of days, I started all over again. My opinion about Non-Fiction books was, in order to understand the content, you also need to understand the Author and to do this, where possible, I also read their Autobiographies. This new rewrite became the beginning of the series I am working on now. "The Grey ones", is the first volume. This lays the foundation to The New Age as well as the World of the Occult. You learn about the Author (me) and by getting to know me, you will be able to judge for yourself, the New Age and Occult philosophies I speak about. True life events are written in Fiction style where these concepts are being applied. With this post, I will give credit where it is due because this way of passing on information in a non-boring manner was inspired by James Redfield's Celestine Prophecy. This Author used Fictional stories to explain the theories. I chose to use the ones I had to live through myself to bring across the understanding. Fingers crossed, I hope those who are reading my work or will read my work will recognise what I am trying to achieve. Love, Yvonne

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